Sending Love and Blessings to all our Fathers!

Sending Love and Blessings to all our Fathers!

Today we celebrate you! 

You are a pillar of strength, you lead the way forward towards a society built on true courage, a society that is built on building up others. You are not afraid to stand down and allow others to shine. You have the inner understanding that as we lift up another, we all rise. You put family first… always.

There was a day when men were viewed as more “manly” when they bullied another or stepped over someone to get ahead. Those days have proven to create a broken society. THANK YOU for shifting your perspective to attain true strength and healing. Today we join together and send light and love to all the men in the world, those that are fathers those that will be fathers, and those that father others. We need your strength, we need your protection, we need your humility, and we need your compassionate leadership. We need your kindness. We need our FATHERS! 

Kindness was once viewed as weakness… it is now proven that kind fathers have stronger and more confident sons and daughters! In the words of Maria Shriver,

“Our families, our country, and our world need more kindness. Pope Francis, the father of the Catholic Church, has called for a revolution of tenderness to benefit us all. We need it.

So, on this Father’s Day, let us all celebrate the power of kindness — in men and in women. May we know that it exists within each and every one of us. Love and kindness are among the most important and powerful pillars in a just, good and meaningful society.” 

Happy Father’s Day! May God bless you, protect you, and guide you always! AMEN 

—Amy D'Ambra My Saint My Hero Founder/Co-Owner

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