The Power of a Blessing

The Power of a Blessing

Making the conscious choice to bless every person around you can truly make a world of difference in yourself and in others around you. When one genuinely wishes the best for another person through seeing their individual light within and honoring them for it, blessings can reflect and activate unconditional love and acceptance. This is what the world needs NOW!

We might ask ourselves… how powerful are our words? How powerful is a blessing?

I was on my morning meditation walk with my friend, and as the sun was coming up, I felt St. Francis among us. He was showing us the power of wishing someone well, even if you don’t know them. St. Francis showed us a scene of someone walking by whom we do not know, and in our heart, praying for them and sending that blessing upon them. We saw the light within that person light up and then connect with the angels and saints among us. It was as if that blessing was the activation point that the saints and angels needed to activate the spark within the person. A blessing, a transmission of love, allows the heavenly realm to start a funnel of blessings and unconditional love. That love is always there. However, we need a channel of that grace to enter.

A blessing is that opening point. So in that moment, I said, “Yes, please God, use me as that opening point... remind me to share blessings always!”
Although I said yes to God, sometimes life gets in the way. I am just grateful that God continues to use me, even when we have “other plans.”
This actually happened to me the other day. I had an argument with my wonderful husband, and the next morning, I was compiling all the things I wanted him to know. I wanted to list the ways he hurt my feelings and how he could be better. I picked up the phone to call him at work and started listing all the reasons he made me so mad. As he answered the phone, I found myself saying, “Hi honey, I hope today is an amazing day for you. I hope you have a great belly laugh, or you see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or something extraordinary and joyful happens to you today. I wish you an incredible day.” He responded, “Thank you so much; I love you dearly.” I don’t know where those words came from. They are not the words that I had rehearsed in my head. However, they were sincere, and I authentically wanted him to have a great day. The love I have for him came spilling out in a blessing, and everything else was washed away. He did have a great day that day… and so did I! I remain grateful for that moment that my heart took over and trusted in the power of LOVE to clear up whatever was emotionally draining from the argument the day before.

Today, I invite you to share a blessing with a friend, to pray over them, to wish them happiness, and to feel your heart expand with joy. 

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner 


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