The Redeeming Power of Simple Kindness

The Redeeming Power of Simple Kindness

The Redeeming Power of Simple Kindness

Today, on the feast day of St. Teresa of Calcutta, fondly known to us as Mother Teresa, we stop to remember the humble yet powerful way she loved Jesus: through serving and loving the poorest of the poor. We, at My Saint My Hero, are so honored to carry a blessing piece especially dedicated to her memory: Be The One Bracelet. May it remind you and give you the courage to be the one to love that neighbor, to be the one who is courageous, to be the one who is humble, to be Jesus for others just as St. Teresa was to every soul that she met. 

With grace-filled smiles and Christ-like hard work, Mother Teresa and her sisters globalized hope, and self-forgetfulness, and the redeeming power of simple goodness. And their revolution is still underway today.

This little Albanian nun had no idea what God would do with her generous surrender to His will. She simply knew He was asking her to start changing the world by picking up a broom, to use one of her famous phrases. Even if our efforts are just a drop of water in the ocean, she used to say, without that drop the ocean would be smaller. Even if she were the only one to answer Christ’s call, she was determined to be that one.

Be the one who offers hope; be the one who gives a hug or shares a smile; be the one who brings light into the room; be the one who loves. —Father John Bartunek, LC ThD/

Be The One Bracelet

Written in her own handwriting, “Be the one” is an inspiring phrase of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, as she encouraged us all to be the one to love God by loving others. Wear this bracelet as a reminder that with God’s help, you can be the one.

Made with love in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina; may you be blessed by the prayers of those making each piece and the love and prayers of My Saint My Hero. Your purchase enables us to use the power of giving to help transform lives and make the world a better place.



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