Benedictine Jewelry

When I was on my very first pilgrimage to Medjugorje, my heart changed forever. Fr. John Bartunek gave me a bag of blessed Benedictine Medals and told me to carry one with me wherever I go. This medal offers protection so that I can keep my heart wide open to God’s divine love and light without having to worry about protecting myself from hurt, chaos or confusion. I have worn a medal from that day forward. I am incredibly grateful for the blessings in life.

— Amy D'Ambra Owner, Founder MSMH

The most powerful symbol of protection, the Benedictine medal — Read More on our BLOG

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Stellar Blessings Ocean Blessing Bracelet
Deep Faith Chandelier Earrings
Blessing Choker & Wrap Bracelet
Rose Bead Medjugorje Rosary
Mantra of Beauty & Brilliance Bracelet
Olive Wood Medjugorje Rosary
Brilliance Layer of Light Necklace
Benedictine Medjugorje Rosary
Armor of Protection Pocket Pin
Rainbow Blessing for Kids Bracelet
Gratitude for Our Heroes
Hope Breathe Bracelet
Hope for Kids Blessing Bracelet
Rosary Wrap Bracelet
Seven Blessings for a New Day Bracelet
New Day Serenity Blessing Bracelet
Hope Benedictine Blessing Bracelet
Blessings for Your Home Door Hanger