How to Create a Sacred Space

How to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home

Creating a sacred space is one of the most important things you can do; it is your space to connect with God. And not only that, when you create a sacred space in your home or your office, even if it is just a windowsill that you just put your favorite things, a little corner in your home little corner, or in your office on the edge of your desk, what you're doing is you're claiming your space for Christ. You are claiming that every step you take is for Christ.

Not only is this space protected, but it's also your sacred sanctuary. And that is so important because what you're also saying is, "Back away from anything unlike love. Let's leave it at the door. When you come into my home and you come into our space, this is for the Holy Spirit." This is where God lives because this is what you invite. You invite in the Holy Spirit...

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