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In 2006, Amy D’Ambra was at a crossroads. A busy professional and mother of three, she was dashing through life at a breakneck speed, handling a demanding business and trying to focus on her family. During a vacation in Italy, her husband Anthony asked her to just stop, turn off her gadgets, and take a break. She listened. She stopped to take a breath, and to pray. Kneeling at the altar of Saint Giovanni Giuseppe on the island of Ischia, Amy asked, “What can I do for you?” She heard, “Share our stories so we can be an inspiration to others. Let us be heroes of today.” Amy knew she had heard her calling.


Amy returned to Los Angeles and developed a collection of 12 saint medals, each with an inspiring virtue on a tag. The medals were created to serve as reminders that the saints were ordinary people with extraordinary faith who walked the earth in union with Christ, and that we are all called to do the same. My Saint My Hero was born.


Amy had been drawn to the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place that has been called “heaven on earth.” On a visit there in 2010, she watched as local women hand wove bracelets with love, praying with every knot. Wanting to share a bit of the sacred place, she brought a few bracelets home to Los Angeles. Those pieces now form the heart of the growing My Saint My Hero jewelry line, which today, along with the signature Benedictine Blessing Bracelets, includes necklaces, earrings, key rings, and sacramental pieces.


Our pieces come from communities around the globe and are infused with love and prayer. Each time you purchase a woven piece, you are empowering women through meaningful work. Our pieces made in Cambodia restore dignity to communities rescued from human trafficking. Our pieces from Medjugorje raise communities above poverty. Our pieces from Mexicali provide work to the needy, and our pieces from Italy are traditionally casted by a family dedicated to sharing the joy of their faith through the art of medal making. We are purpose-driven fashion infused with intention. May the light within you ignite the light in others. 


My Saint My Hero creates Wearable Blessings™ that serve as constant reminders of purpose, hope and inspiration. May you be blessed by the love and prayers of those making each piece.