Who Made Your Jewelry? Lourdes, France


The Miraculous Mary Medal was revealed to St. Catherine Labouré as she received a message directly from Virgin Mary.  Our Blessed Mother described exactly how it should be made and said that anyone who wore this medal would receive many Miracles.  These pieces are made in Lourdes, France by Seral. Seral is the official maker of the Miraculous Medal for the Chapel of La Rue Du Bac, the exact location of St. Catherine’s apparition with Our Blessed Mother. This is the last medal maker in Lourdes. Each medal is made and decorated by hand with attention to detail at each step of the process. Wear your Miraculous jewelry and open your heart to receive Great Graces. 

"For 70 years, the craftsmen of our family business have transmitted their knowledge and dexterity with conviction. While the company was the victim of a fire in 2012 that devastated all the workshops, its staff showed real collective courage to carry out the reconstruction. From the private collection of dies, the items are produced in an artisanal and traditional way. The original desire of the creators of this excellent company is to allow pilgrims to bring with them an object, a symbol of their devotion. This tradition was reinforced with company handovers in 1978 and 2016." —Seral