Who Made Your Bracelet? Medjugorje

My Saint My Hero partners with these artisans to foster prayer, creativity, community, leadership, and entrepreneurship as the groundwork for empowerment. Our artisans create a positive impact in their homes, communities & around the world by doing good with their hands, weaving prayers and love into every piece they craft, and by championing others into empowerment.


It started with one artisan who offered work to a friend to weave bracelets for My Saint My Hero. Anita became a leader in her community, inviting others into the same purpose through meaningful work she was experiencing. One woman grew to three women, and then to 35 across 3 communities.

The artisans pray as they tie each knot, infusing each piece with love and prayer. Your purchase empowers them through meaningful work – helping them rise above poverty through the dignity of their beautiful trade.


"My life is much much different now because I know that I will make some money for my kids and my family. My family lives much much better and so does my extended family. I hope that our work will grow and grow and I hope to have more work so that I can send my oldest daughter to college. In the group weaving the bracelets, ...they are sending you a message. They are telling you thank you, thank you very much for this opportunity that we can make some money...and we hope this work continues to grow so we can do better and better. Everyone’s life is not easy. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s very hard... So I give the message to all the people wearing our bracelets that we have to be strong and we have to be thankful for each moment that we wake up and have a blessed day. It doesn’t matter how bad life is or the bad things that happen, we have to be strong and thankful to God for every day of life." – Lenka/MSMH Artisan