A Special Message For Easter

Happy Easter script over photo of young woman wearing white flowers in her hair and white dress, My Saint My Hero necklaces

All of us are invited to come home to where God dwells with us, wipes away our tears, and gives us the fullness of life and joy in the presence of Christ. During Easter season, you have a very special and heartfelt invitation; no matter how far you have wandered, no matter where you have gone, no matter how guilty you feel, come home to the Lord!  You will find yourself far more welcomed and loved than you could ever imagine!

Easter is a special time, it is a time of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. Come join me as we stretch out our hand in blessing, in pardon and in peace…may our hearts be open and may we hear the Word of God speak, “Welcome home my good and faithful servant.”

— inspired by Matthew 25:21 and the Magnificat Easter Blessing

Happy Easter

May your sojourn be blessed,

Amy D’Ambra


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