Make Our Heart Like Yours

woman standing on a rise overlooking hills

In this Lenten season, may we join our hearts in prayer as we walk to the cross together… may we be granted a “Servant’s Heart!”

We are reminded of the words of Visionary Mirijana during our most recent pilgrimage in Medjugorje, “When I get down on my knees to pray I don’t ask for help in this or that… I simply pray that Jesus will make my heart like His so I may love like He loves… if I love like Him all else will be well.”

Let’s embrace the holy season of Lent and be encouraged by these words of Pope Francis:
“During Lent, Let us all ask the Lord: Fac Cor Nostrum secondum cor tuum – Make our hearts like yours. In this way we will receive a heart that is firm and merciful, attentive and generous… a heart that is not closed, indifferent, or prey to the globalization of indifference.”

May we embrace this prayer in all we do. One way to do this is to ask that all our conversations be graced by this love and be edifying. “When we speak gracious words it is like honey for the body and food for the soul.” Proverbs 16:24

May your Lenten journey be a time of many graces and the joy of being made new, in Jesus Christ.

Blessings, Amy and Christine

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