Advent - Breathe. Ask. Give Thanks.

Advent - Breathe. Ask. Give Thanks.

Advent is the sacred season of anticipation and expectation; a time of rebirth, a time to release compromises and any false truths we hold inside, a time to be washed clean, and be born again in the purest love of Christ. It is the time of year we reflect on the past with anticipation for a new beginning. We are filled with a supernatural love that connects us with the highest version of ourselves.

To live Advent is to live in the awareness of that which changes us — changes us into the person we are born to be; free of want and saturated in divine love.  A divine love that holds us close, protects us and is always with us. A love of a father and a mother. A love that reminds us we are seen, we are known, we are heard and we are held because we belong to the kingdom of God. Created in Him and He in us. A love that starts as a spark and grows without borders. For this is what we see incarnate in the infant Jesus — our childlikeness restored. In the birth of this child, we know the promise of our own spiritual rebirth!

Throughout the four weeks of Advent, create a sacred place in your home or office where you can retreat in prayer for 10 minutes a day. Give yourself this time to feel the love of restoration and rebirth. Pray, have a conversation with God, and ask Him to show you what your gifts are and how you are called to present these gifts to the world.

BREATHE — your Breathe Bracelets are a perfect companion for this sacred time, reminding you to allow your deep breath to create the space for God.

ASK — God, show me my unique gifts. I know that you created me to be a vital part in your divine plan. Show me my gifts now and show me how you want me to use my gifts to make the world a better place.

GIVE THANKS — Thank you for loving me, thank you for allowing me to feel your love, thank you for all the blessings in my life. I bring forth all those in my family before you — please shower them with your love, wash them clean so they too may feel the spark of your love right now. Heavenly Father, weave us together so we may always be connected by love — today and always, together or apart.

 Our prayer for you: We promise to hold each of you in prayer during our daily Angelus throughout Advent and all workdays at My Saint My Hero. May you feel the enormity of how much God loves YOU!

AMEN and Happy ADVENT! —Amy D’Ambra

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