Amy & Anthony

Amy & Anthony

Mother's Month Highlight 

Amy D'Ambra — My Saint My Hero Founder and Co-Owner
and Anthony
SUPER MOM MOMENT: "My son is heading to the US Naval Academy this summer, so I must say, these last two months in quarantine have been a dream come true. Can I hold on to you forever? I definitely will hold on to the parts of this new normal forever. Dinner every night around the table together. No one stressed about homework or practice or working overtime. Everyone on pause enjoying the family unit. Thank you Caroline for moving back home, thank you Ellie for flying back home and thank you Anthony for just being home. Together we are family. My mom moments change with the seasons, but this season I love the PAUSE." — Amy


FAVORITE MY SAINT MY HERO PIECE: Trust Divine Mercy Blessing Bracelet Jesus, I Trust in You... these words transform me from quick stressful breath to deep peaceful breath. Through this deeper breathing I remember to relax into the arms of Jesus as He reminds me that “He’s got this”!

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