Marisa & Maureen

Marisa & Maureen

Mother's Month Highlight 

Marisa Marshall — My Saint My Hero Lead Sales Representative
& Her Mother Maureen

SUPER MOM MOMENT: "My mom frequently travels to Uganda as a missionary to help educate women and children in the villages. This year, she left just before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and had to return from her trip early due to the news. She was able to board the very last plane out of Uganda before the borders were closed. My mom, and our whole family, felt this was more than a miracle. But since her return, we have not been able to be together due to social distancing and stay at home orders. This has been extremely difficult for our whole family as we are very close and see each other often.  I look forward to a time very soon where we can be together and hug each other again." — Marisa

FAVORITE MY SAINT MY HERO PIECE: Holy Family Crystal Heart of God Cuff

We love it because it reminds both of us that our family is a divine union sealed under God’s eternal love.


Holy Family Everlasting Heart of God Swarovski Cuff

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