Events at the Experience Boutiques: Lenten Watercolor Journals

group of women seated around a table, painting in watercolor

How wonderful to be able to share my reflections on this day – both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.

The new My Saint My Hero classes bring women together looking to deepen their faith and enjoy creative fun within the intimate space of our Experience Boutiques – It’s part of the blessing revolution beginning to take shape in the community!

Fr. Charbel of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Wilmington

For two days last week we were able to offer 20 women the opportunity amidst our busy lives, to slow down and learn about the meaning of Lent with Fr. Charbel of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Wilmington. He spoke about being attentive to our own patterns and triggers that distance us from God. While shaking a water bottle with dirt in it, he attempted to look through the cloudy murky water; he could not see through it. However, when he sat the bottle down, the dirt settled to the bottom allowing clear vision through the bottle. I grasped the meaning of this imagery: that the busier I am the harder it is to see through and really examine my life. I must be still – only then will I see clearly to take inventory of my ways, reactions and intentions. I realized my need to slow down and make a commitment devoting time to Jesus this Lent.

Draw close to God and He will draw close to you. James 4:8

two women seated at work table displaying watercolor painting

We then painted our own beautiful journal covers guided by the talented local watercolor artist Suzy Cyr. Each of us left ready to begin our own “journaling pilgrimage”, learning ways to create a daily routine to meditate, write and reflect on our lives and open our hearts to hear His word….

Speak Lord your servant is listening. 1 Samuel 3:10

Smiling watercolorists display their work

I was fortunate to be part of these evenings offered; laughing, learning, and stretching not only our artistic abilities but together also stretching our faith encouraging each other to walk closely these next 40 days with Jesus.

Divine Blessing Bracelets displayed in 3 variations - text: DIVINE


Maria Franklin

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