For a Child...the Written Word Lasts a Lifetime

For a Child...the Written Word Lasts a Lifetime

One of my favorite parenting love languages is leaving small notes in special places.

When my kids were in preschool, I used to draw hearts and smiley faces on napkins in their lunches.

When they got into their teen years, I made a point of always writing how I felt and placing it on a sticky note on the bathroom mirror.

As they grew into adulthood, I sent a card or placed the same small note tucked in their backpack or luggage when they visited.

Do you know why? Because the written word lasts a lifetime.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I love the red and pink doily hearts for arts and crafts. So much of today’s world is about a text or an email. Yet, making something with your hands, even as simple as a folded heart note, can mean more. It is why I love our written product cards that come with our Wearable Blessings.

They prompt... I love you.

They prompt... how are you doing?

They prompt... the love of God.

They prompt... the deep desire to lean on faith.

They prompt...the desire to evangelize.

Today, give a Wearable Blessings and let your child know how much they are loved.

Allow the written word to prompt God’s love. 

—Adina Braatz/MSMH Mission Development

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