God Lives in Hospitality and Community

God Lives in Hospitality and Community

Over 7,000 miles traveled. Over 32 miles walked. I followed the signs to deepening my faith. In result, I found out it was in the eyes of the people of Medjugorje.

My desire to come to Medjugorje has been on my heart since 1989. I had heard about this little town and sharing of the apparitions from a family friend. I recall the few details she shared…and I became curious.
It seems now, 34 years later, it was time to visit. So, I came.

Adina and friends and My Saint My Hero Founder Amy D'Ambra in Medjugorje
I did not need to travel this far to feel closer to God. I have felt that deep connection praying in my room, saying a rosary, sitting in Adoration, attending Mass, or even just being with my family and friends.
Yet, I answered a spiritual calling to visit this small town called Medjugorje. A town where it is said, Our Lady visits. A place where people come as believers and skeptics. The town surrounded me with complete peace and tangible opportunities of seeing God in the way the people lived and celebrated our faith.

Sign in Medjugorje
I have never had a tugging on my heart to attend Mass twice in one day, pray the rosary several times while walking over 7 miles, leap to go to confession, sit for hours in Adoration, and joyfully wake up the next day to do it all over again.

This town doesn’t distract you from needing to believe in the apparitions, yet it does completely support one’s need of receiving the Eucharist and living faithfully.

My Saint My Hero Women Artisans Weaving in Community of Prayer
The skill set of those women weaving truly is one of the reasons I did come. Weaving is their livelihood. I am aware this job brings food to their table, and opportunities for their families, BUT this vocation brings a deeper faith and belief. The weaving is a like a rhythm that is done within community, and in result we receive a sacramental. A medal that is woven to be a reminder of our own blessings.

I felt God present in the women weaving.
I saw God in the eyes of the visionary as she shared how her life has changed.
I touched the statues that gave me goosebumps.
I cried at the beauty of the rock mountains and landscaping.
I received God in Adoration and through Mass at every Chapel and Church.

I know that God lives in Medjugorje partly because of the people who honor His love.

My intercessory prayer has deepened because of the charism of hospitality of the people of Medjugorje.

— Adina/MSMH Mission Development

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