The Queenship of Mary

The Queenship of Mary

On the Queenship of Mary we are blessed to share the following excerpt from our Journal Mother Mary, Mother Me 40-Day Devotional to Holy Habits

The Church’s liturgical celebrations, marked as the glorious deeds of the Father, are also a commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary who shared in the mysteries of Christ. The Queenship is the Coronation of Mary. The Rosary meditation of the glorious mysteries celebrates the Queenship of Mary. Mother Mary, mother me as you teach me by example and gently invite me to know your Son and help me to serve others.

Personal Story

Since getting married, my husband and I fervently prayed for the gift of a child. Many years passed and it did not come our way. We struggled with infertility, and as we pursued medical assistance, we experienced even more challenges, as each month presented hope followed by disappointment. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Many times, we wondered, “Are we not deserving of this gift? Are we not qualified to become parents? What is God’s plan for our marriage?” In those times of discouragement, God continued to tell us, “Hope and trust in Me!” In the many years of waiting, we found comfort from our prayers to Our Blessed Mother, as well as the support and encouragement of family, friends, and community. In times of suffering, or in times of waiting for our prayers to be answered, we implored Our Mother’s intercession and prayer. After all, she was exalted as Queen of Heaven and Earth. She humbly obeyed and stayed true to His plan for her. Such great faith and trust in the Lord!

After fifteen years of marriage, on August 22nd, 2018, Feast of the Queenship of Mary, we gave birth to our daughter, Anaya (in Hebrew Anaya means “God answered”). I am in awe of this beautiful gift of life and motherhood. But sometimes I wonder, why when I’m in my mid-40s when I’m not certain I can still endure the challenges of the times and serve the many aspects of parenthood? Whether in uncertain times or in times when I’m confident about being a mother, I turn to our Blessed Mother for prayer that I may always remain trusting in the Lord’s plan for me.

Closing Prayer

O Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth, thank you

for your example of faith and trust in the Lord. It is by your

prayers that the desires of our hearts are drawn closer to

Jesus. As our prayers are granted and our roles in life expand,

continue to guide us gently in fulfilling each day in accordance

with His will. Hold my hand in tackling all aspects of my life

that they may lead the way to your Son. Amen.


Mother Mary, Mother Me 40-Day Devotional to Holy Habits is based on liturgy in Celebration of Our Blessed Mother. This journal will inspire you with personal stories shared by real moms of today who encountered Mary in a miraculous way throughout trials, sorrows, and celebrations.


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