I Chose St. Anne

I Chose St. Anne

How does one raise a little girl who was to become a “woman of grace” and mother to Our Savior?

Lineage is a gift and part of God’s great plan. Happy Feast Day of St. Joachim & St. Anne!

I received the sacrament of Confirmation at 19 years of age. The faith community of young adults at my parish during that time was amazing. I suppose that was part of divine timing for me as most of my friends were confirmed at 15.

As part of the process, the sacrament allows preparation of prayer, reflection, and confirming of your Baptism vows with gifts from the Holy Spirit. It also allows the candidate to adopt a saint name that they connect with through life. They learn about the saint’s struggles, love for Christ, and focus on the examples of their virtues.

I chose St. Anne
I recall at the time (before internet searches were at your fingertips), there wasn’t initially a lot to read since the Western Churches didn’t celebrate until the 16th century. Yet, both St. Joachim and St. Anne were definitely celebrated well before in the Eastern Churches.

Through my research, I was initially drawn to St. Anne because she was a grandmother. She is the patron saint of women who are childless, homemakers, housewives, mothers, and pregnancies. For me, the biggest connection was that she raised Our Lady and had to patiently wait for God’s divine timing since she and St. Joachim desperately wanted a child and didn’t think they ever would conceive.

I see St. Anne as such strength and deep purpose. Through faith, she is part of my lineage because I believe the story wouldn’t unfold without her. God set the plan with two faithful people, St. Joachim and St. Anne.

May this special day of remembering our own legacy of family roots be celebrated. May we also remember our own faith roots too.

St. Joachim, Pray for us.
St. Anne, Pray for us.

— Adina/MSMH Mission Development


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