Jesus, I Surrender Myself to You, Take Care of Everything

Jesus, I Surrender Myself to You, Take Care of Everything

Christmas is a season of preparation. As we all prepare our hearts for Christ, there may be times we ask ourselves, "How can we give Jesus more of our time? More of our devotion or more of our attention?"

I pray constantly for Him to use me as an instrument of His love and His peace… but how?

This Christmas Season, I really wanted to challenge myself to look inward and think about the things that take over my mind. The things that distract me from being able to trust in His divine goodness.

Every day of December leading up to Christmas, I decided to pray the Surrender Prayer, which helped me to think about my hopes, fears, dreams, anxieties, goals, and suffering and lay them all down before the Lord.

It feels so good to give everything that is on my mind over to Him, knowing He will take care of it!!!

This is what He wants of us, to trust Him completely and to give ourselves to Him. So as you prepare your heart for Jesus, think about what you can give Him and lay it down at the cross – these are our gifts to Him under His tree. 

An activity you can do with your family:

Draw a Christmas tree (or click HERE to download the image above), and under it, draw ten presents. As a family, come up with ten things that you can offer up to the Lord, that you can lay down before Him. Those things can be personal hopes, sufferings, goals, anxieties, etc. Write those things in each of the presents under the tree.

As you do this, you will get a chance to practice SURRENDER. You will also get to hear what is on each others' hearts and minds so that you can pray for one another. And lastly, you will feel your relationship and trust in the Lord grow!

—Ellie Axtell/MSMH Director of Business Development


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