For These Thy Gifts

Thanksgiving Table

Bless us, O’ Lord,
and these thy gifts,
Which we are about to receive from thy bounty,
through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

I LOVE THIS PRAYER… as one begins to say it around a table… all voices begin to join in.  

It creates a communal prayer — one voice to heaven giving thanks for the GIFTS in our life. We are giving thanks for thy bounty of God’s goodness of appreciation of nature, sunsets, the air we breathe, and giving thanks for the love of Christ.  

As we pray together, I imagine all those in the world saying this prayer around their table. I imagine all those in need of prayer, and I imagine those that might be hungry today.  

As we pray, I imagine our prayers lifting others in need.

Our prayer becomes a song of love and joy, and suddenly we become aware of the great gifts in front of us.  

For that moment, we are thankful for all the cooks that put the food together, the family surrounding us, and the ability to be fed.

This moment of acknowledgment is a beautiful way to enter into the grace of a meal.

I am thankful for the wise sisters and brothers that walked before us and taught us this prayer. I am grateful for the faith community that keeps this prayer strong, and I am thankful for all of you that say this prayer with me.  

Near and far, may we all rejoice in the Glory of God as we pray together!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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