Look Up, Hope is Here

Look Up, Hope is Here

Sometimes during prayer, God imparts a vision or scene on our heart so that we can experience an important message. In the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, we learn to actively reflect on passages of the Bible... to use the gift of imagination to place ourselves walking with Christ during the biblical scenes. And sometimes, we are taken somewhere else in our soul where we can experience God’s love in a supernatural way. 

This happened to me the other day while talking and praying with my sister, Barbara! I could FEEL the legions of angels! I asked my sister to write it down to share with all of you!!! It is a beautiful visual of HOPE!!!

Look up, hope is here.



I'm in the stands,
Watching a football game.  
Reminds me of the lacrosse games and soccer games I used to watch when my kids played.
 “This isn't your kids’ games.”
“This is the Olympics.”
Black and white
Good and evil
Right and wrong
I get the sense I am watching what is happening in humanity right now.
“What you don’t realize—all the Olympians are here now.”
All the best players are here now. All of them are on the field now. I can sense the importance of the game. I drop on the field.  I am amongst the players.  Some light are marked in dark.  Some dark are really light.
This confuses me.  So are some pretending to be light, but they are really dark?  My mind starts to analyze.  I better be careful.  
“You are focused on the game. Look up.”
I look up. Legions of Angels. It's all light—light beings everywhere, beams of light flooding in, but… some of the beams stop. They are not reaching the Earth. Why?
“Prime Directive.” I think of Star Trek. They can't help unless we ask. 
So I start to ask… please flood us with light. I start to get caught up in how best to do this. Be a pillar of light. Bridge the worlds. Connect to them and pull it down to Earth.
“Be the Light”
I stood, breathed, and felt my heart. I am the LIGHT.
I started to feel a shift within—a shift of perspective.
In the past, the thing I said before a session was: I ask my ego and shadow to step aside so I may be a clear channel for God’s light.
This awareness started to shift. I started to feel the separation in that phrase.  As “I” stepped aside. “I” was separate from GOD.
As I felt the light in me, flow through me, and around me, I realized these angels (these light beings) amongst them are US. We are those light beings, those angels, and those saints. It's not us and them. It’s all US. This is heaven on Earth.  
I looked back to the field. All players started to glow. The light was in all. This is the game we are playing. 
I started to realize that if I saw black and white, and good and evil, I create and feed the illusion of that—the separation for GOD. If I feel the light that is me, and see the light within, we are all GOD. Love flows freely.
Enjoy the ride. 
I sat for awhile, remembering the truth that the masters have been teaching us since the beginning of time. It’s all love. Everything without exception is an opportunity to be love, feel love, and express love. 


–Experience with a client on June 4, 2020

Barbara Reynolds/Founder, Activation, LLC iamactivated.com

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