Mary's Fiat - What a Simple Yes Can Mean

Mary's Fiat - What a Simple Yes Can Mean

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Many friends exchange gifts, but only Christ has given us His own mother, to be our solace and our refuge as we strive to follow in His footsteps. Are you in need of comfort, heavenly intercession, unconditional love? “Am I not here who am your mother?” Our Lady of Guadalupe promised to Saint Juan Diego, and she promises the same to us. Turn to her.

Through the ages, Christians of all walks of life have been inspired by Mary’s example. Wherever one finds true devotion to Mary (which consists primarily in the imitation of her “Yes” to God, not just in pious expressions and pretty pictures), one finds as well a passionate love for Jesus Christ, the Savior. She accompanied Him on every step of His earthly sojourn, and she accompanies His little brothers and sisters (that’s us) with equal love and concern.

The Greatest Love is founded upon the greatest Yes.

—Father John Bartunek LC ThD

 Say Yes Miraculous Mary Dainty Blessing Bracelet 

May you be inspired by Mother Mary’s unwavering yes. She knew it was all in His hands, she surrendered fully and allowed God to be born within her. May you have the trust to surrender, to hear His call and to say yes. Wear this Say Yes Miraculous Mary Bracelet as your personal yes. Grasp this medal and breathe in the love of the Holy Spirit as you say, “I surrender my will to God’s divine will.”


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