Why I Chose the Current of Love

Why I Chose the Current of Love

There are two currents running through the world right now—the current of fear and the current of love.

As we stand in alignment with the current of fear, we physically participate and contribute to the growth of that current. We are being affected by it, and we, in turn, affect it. We know this current because we are filled with anxiety, unrest, fear, division, loneliness, lack of trust, thinking of the worst possible outcome, controlling everything we can, and protecting what we have for fear of losing it. We attempt a tight grip on the world as we know it with the illusion of control.

As we stand in this current and pray, God begins to show us the contrast of how we are responding and reacting to situations vs. how it could be if we choose to step out of this current and into the other.

The other current and flow happening right now on this earth, at this moment, is the current of LOVE. In this current, there is a feeling of belonging to a greater whole, of unity, of hope and belief that we are precisely where we need to be and that God will meet us where we are. It is a time of spiritual AWAKENING for many.

Both currents are part of the storm that we are all in. It is a matter of choice what current we choose to be a part of, to contribute our energy and strength.

As the storm gets stronger and stronger and our "Yes" to God becomes louder and louder, He will throw us right into the heart of the storm. Now is when we must choose to continue to try and live in the illusion of control and hold on against the tide or choose the freedom to release our grip and trust that He will light our path one step at a time. The more we practice faith, the more we will choose the current of love and peace.

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The other day everything I knew turned upside down; I was faced with business decisions, personal financial decisions, and decisions about our family home. All in one day, it came crashing in on me; I wanted to retreat to what I knew, hold on to all that I could, and try to control the outcome to protect my family and my business. The harder I held on, the more anger and frustration grew, and my anxiety took my breath away. I almost made decisions that would keep me stuck in the muck of the storm rather than moving through it. I could physically feel my body clamping down. I took a deep breath, and suddenly something shifted—it was what I call the GOD SHIFT. I threw up my hands and said, "God, this one is on you. I can not control this one… I am surrendering it all to you."

I felt my hands loosen their grip on the illusion of control (I was never in control anyway!) I heard myself talking with God, and then I felt the calm. What is the worst-case scenario? The worst case is that I go broke and live in a small condo with the man I love. I am healthy, have my faith, and love my life. I love my kids, and they are all healthy. Suddenly I saw the worst-case scenario was not nearly as scary as I thought. Why was I gripping on so hard? Oh, I see now! I only walk my walk and talk my talk when things are going well or when I think I am in ultimate control of the outcome. What happens when things are bigger than my ability to control? Do I surrender to God's will? Or do I run in the opposite direction and retreat to the habit and reactions I know? Wait, what if God is trying to break me through something big in order to take me further along my spiritual path? My control and anxiety will hold me steady in what I know; however, they will also hold me back from what is possible. I chose to let go and trust God even in the depth of the unknown. I chose to let go. Now I can breathe again… I am free. When I decided that, I felt myself step out of the current of fear and into the current of love; I felt supported by all the people doing the same thing right now in this season of life. I was amongst the flood of prayers, love, and peace. I could feel this current just as strongly as the current of fear. One was taking my breath away, and the other was giving me the breath of life.

It is real—there are two currents flowing right now during the storm we are all going through. I chose to jump into the current of love, receive from it, and add my love to it.

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner


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