Prayer Changes Hearts

Prayer Changes Hearts

The Jesus Prayer

I had a beautiful visit from Sister Lawrence Marie, who is with the Dominican order. 

She came into our My Saint My Hero San Pedro Boutique searching for a particular blessing bracelet. She asked if we had the Jesus Prayer Rope on a bracelet. I said, “Well, not yet.”  

She explained why My Saint My Hero needed to create a bracelet that would be able to share the power of the Jesus Prayer.  

She then shared a story. 

“As a high school teacher and counselor, I would have many students come into my office crying that their best friend was being mean or their boyfriend was doing something wrong. I would stop them in their tracks and ask them to pray the Jesus Prayer 33 times (along their Jesus Prayer Rope beads.) When the students were done praying, their hearts would be changed; the prayer healed them of their pain. It never failed. This little prayer is a true miracle and changes hearts from frustration to peace, anger to love, and doubt to faith.”  

I took her words to heart, and we recently designed and launched the Jesus Prayer Bracelet with 33 beads!

Soon after we launched the bracelet, I was invited to participate in a Mass celebrated by Bishop Barron. Bishop Barron is amazing, and I truly believe he is a saint in the making. His homily was off the charts and primarily focused on the gift of humility. Towards the end, he mentioned one of his favorite prayers, and it was THE JESUS PRAYER! Bishop Barron suggested that we all read a book titled The Way of A Pilgrimthrough this book, he got to know the Jesus Prayer. 

With the Jesus Prayer as our inspiration, we created the Jesus Prayer Bracelet as a prayer tool with its 33 onyx beads.

On each bead, breathe and pray:
On the inhale: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God
On the exhale: Have mercy on me a sinner

May you pray this prayer with intention, and may your heart open anew to the amazing love of GOD!

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner

Jesus Prayer Bracelet with 33 beads

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