Sacred Space at Home

Sacred Space at Home


I have a special place in my home that I go to retreat, to renew, to pray, to contemplate, and to meditate.  It has become sacred in its own way — maybe it’s all the prayers that have been said, maybe it’s the tears shed, or maybe it’s simply because this is the place where I meet Jesus, and we chat for a while.

Throughout the years, my little space has collected meaningful elements that help me center myself and quiet my mind, so that I can settle into my prayer space quicker. I have a special candle from when my mom passed, a statue of Our Blessed Mother from Lourdes (that I put my prayer requests under), a cross from Medjugorje, Holy Water spritzer (that I love to spray), my bible, a journal, a blessing bracelet that I wore as I swam in the Sea of Galilee, and a little rock that a friend gave me for my birthday. These are a few of my faith-filled treasures that help me remain centered. 

Truly, just by having the space in my home creates more opportunities to pray. Even my kids pause, pray, set their prayer intentions, and ask me to put their written prayers under the feet of Mary!

With COVID-19, we all have the opportunity to bring Church HOME! I invite you to create a sacred space in your home! It could be a windowsill, a nightstand, a small corner in your home, or your desk. Place a candle, some holy water, maybe your bible, and a journal. Have your space blessed by a priest or a deacon, and begin to create your sanctuary.  his is your space to meet with Jesus. Enjoy, my friend!

Prayer that I say as I create my space:

Come, Holy Spirit, come,
Fill this space with your love.
May this space remain yours and may the Holy Spirit reign.
I offer you all my works, my actions, and my thoughts.
Fill me with your love.
Renew me, restore me, so that I may be fully awake in YOU.
Use me, Lord, as an instrument of your peace, and may this Sacred Space remain a place where I can hear your voice clearly, and your direction is the only direction I follow.
Holy Spirit, this is your space and your home, in the most Holy Name of Jesus we pray.
All Glory To God.  AMEN 


— Amy D'Ambra

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