We Remain Together in Prayer

We Remain Together in Prayer

WE are in this together.

Send a hug over the phone, a FaceTime filled with laughter, a text reminding them that you care, or an email of kindness. This is what we can do in a time of forced disconnection. May we all remember ways to connect. Each time I catch a glimpse of my Blessing Bracelet, I am reminded of all of you.

We are all woven together, in love and blessings!

Throughout time, we have needed sacred symbols of protection and blessings. We use these symbols to invoke the Holy Spirit into our space, into our heart, and into our family to protect, to guide, and to bless. In times of need, we simply need to remember to BREATHE and ask God to take over. As we rest in His peace, we are able to dispel chaos and go back to our spiritual roots — the very roots that anchor us through the storm. 

Wrap yourself in blessings and send all of your loved ones a wearable blessing of protection, as a reminder of your love and of the Sacred Truth that we are all held in the omnipotent protection and love of God.

We remain TOGETHER IN PRAYER. — Amy D'Ambra


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