The time is now to anchor in LOVE

The time is now to anchor in LOVE

To All the My Saint My Hero Family

The time is now to anchor in LOVE: the kind of love that calms us, brings us comfort, and lets us rest in the knowing that we are all here in a place of love, and we will make it through together.

We call on Archangel Michael to protect us, our home, our surroundings, our family, our loved ones, and the global world of humanity. We call on Archangel Michael to provide the shield of light so that we have the moment to BREATHE. Feel the love of your children and receive the love of your mother. Breathe in the LOVE of our Blessed Mother. Now allow yourself to be flooded with the golden warm rays of divine love from our Blessed Mother, the Father, and all the saints and angels in heaven. Feel the omnipotent, all-powerful love of God, covering the whole world and sparking your heart with a beautiful cleansing waterfall of grace. Breathe.

Wear Archangel Michael as a tangible reminder that he is a mighty protector. With the divine power of God, he will defend you so that you may remain calm throughout chaos and be the beacon of LIGHT, LOVE, and HOPE that you are called to be, right here and right now. THANK YOU for saying YES to God’s call to make the world a better place by your light and your life. AMEN — Amy D'Ambra

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