Small Traditions that Make a Big Difference

Small Traditions that Make a Big Difference

Let’s journey together through Lent as we prepare our heart and soul for the explosion of LOVE and the HOLY SPIRIT on EASTER!

Lent is a 40-day sojourn through the desert with Jesus. This is a time to strip away distraction, quiet our soul, re-tune, and recalibrate so that we can hear the word of God and discern with CLARITY. May we all have clarity to discern, reflect, and follow God’s way in every decision with which we are faced – in decision comes our identity. May Lent 2020 offer us the time to see clearly through God’s eyes.

I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite traditions to help prepare for the renewal of Easter:

Promise yourself right now to do one spiritual act of kindness every day for 40 days! 
  1. PRAY Pray with persistence and don’t give up.
  2. GIVE THANKS Pray before every meal as you sit in awareness for the blessings and ask, “God to Bless our Food and Nurture our Soul.”
  3. PRAY AS A FAMILY Pray with your children before they go to bed. Ask Archangel Michael and their Guardian Angel to protect them. Actually get down on your knees at the side of the bed and pray. I pray one Hail Mary, one Our Father and one Glory Be (you can add the Guardian Angel Prayer). If your children are all grown and out of the house, still get down on your knees and pray for them every night throughout Lent.
  4. ASH WEDNESDAY Attend Mass and receive ashes. Anoint your head with the reminder that we are nothing without God, and we are everything with Him. 
  5. GIVE ALMS Give to someone in need, a smile, a gift, a dollar. Just give.
  6. FRIDAYS Fast from eating meat; by quieting our desire for food we learn to quiet temptation and follow the hunger of the soul for union with God.
  7. SUNDAYS Go to Church (and throw in a few daily masses as well – it will make your whole day better I promise😊).
  8. HOLY THURSDAY (the Thursday before Easter) Begin the Walk of Calvary with Jesus; find an activity at Church (maybe the washing of the feet) and participate as we begin to walk with Jesus through isolation in the Passion.
  9. GOOD FRIDAY Walk the Stations of the Cross. Journey along the walk with Jesus and Mary, feel the sorrow, feel the pain, and experience it through them (I like to pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary on this day).
  10. HOLY SATURDAY This is a very solemn day. Reflect: Pray the Sorrowful Rosary or the Seven Sorrows Rosary with a group of friends. Spend time in quiet prayer. Invite your family to watchThe Passion of The Christ.


May the Revolution of LOVE be yours today and every day for Christ is reborn within YOU.
Happy Lent my friends. Please know that I will be holding you all in my daily prayers and my daily rosary (my Lenten promise). — Amy D'Ambra


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