What I Learned from St. Mary Magdalene and Visiting the Sea of Galilee

What I Learned from St. Mary Magdalene and Visiting the Sea of Galilee

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the home and village of Saint Mary Magdalene on the shores of the Sea of Galilee; to walk where Jesus walked, to swim in the sea where the apostles laid down their nets, and to wander through what was once the home of Mary Magdalene.

It was truly the most profound encounter with Christ that I had ever experienced “as it was, in the beginning, is now and forever will be... a world without end.” In this town of Saint Mary Magdalene, the Holy Women remain sacred, honored, and loved.

May we be inspired to be the Holy Women of today. Saint Mary Magdalene, July 22 is your official Saint Day! A day to celebrate you, remember and carry your essence with us now. Inspire us to be the saints we are called to be! Happy Feast Day!

Amy D'Ambra in Israel

St. Mary Magdalene Pray for us! Feast Day July 22. 

This sacred symbol, known as the Seed of Life, was emblazoned on what is believed to be the first altar from which Christ proclaimed the good news of God. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of God’s divine love within you. Embody this love that surpasses all knowledge and allow it to be emblazoned upon your soul. You are empowered, you are loved, and you are beloved.

We invite you to journey with us to the town of Magdala.  I journeyed here and immersed myself in the sacred waters of the Galilee, I walked the footsteps of Christ and prayed in the very synagogue where the Empower symbol was emblazoned on the first altar. I prayed for you and for all the people wearing this symbol that they may feel the love of being linked together on earth as it is in heaven. Wear Empower and be empowered through the unfailing love of God!

(originally published in 2019)

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