The Story Behind the St. Amos Love Bracelet

John Stamos wearing and holding hand wearing St. Amos Love Bracelet

Let 'em Know They're Loved

Many years ago, when I was trying to come up with a name for my production company, without missing a beat my mother said, “Call it St. Amos.” Neither of us knew that there was a real saint by that name—we just thought it sounded cool.

St. Amos Love Bracelet for Men and Women

Well, not only was St. Amos cool, he was humble. A “saint for the people” spreading the word that God’s love was not just for prophets and kings, but for every woman and man. My wife and I had the thought, how can we spread love and pay our blessings forward? We decided to partner St. Amos with My Saint My Hero to do just that.

 Sometimes all someone needs to know is that they are loved...

I’ve been wearing My Saint My Hero bracelets for years. I often find myself giving them to friends, fans or sometimes I get a vibe that someone just needs to be acknowledged, to let someone know they’re special. And who knows the impact of what a gesture like this can do? Wear one, share one and tell us your stories so we can continue to share the love forward. #StAmosJewelryStories —John Stamos

As Featured on CBS "The Talk"

Caitlin and John Stamos with My Saint My Hero Founder Amy D'Ambra

With this purchase, you’ll also participate in helping victims of child abuse. 100% of the Stamos family net proceeds from the St. Amos bracelet will be donated to Childhelp.

St. Amos Love Bracelet for Men & Women – We want to share our love with you and those you love. Wear one, share one. – Caitlin & John Stamos


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