This is Christmas

This is Christmas
Merry Christmas!

Advent is our sacred time of preparing our hearts and souls for Christmas. It is the great celebration of the birth of Christ and the season of God becoming man. 

A true love story of God’s love for us—the birth of Jesus! Each year, I love setting up my nativity scene, knowing every Christian home can share this love story. 

This is Christmas.

As we await Christmas, it is like we are welcoming Christ into our souls through His birth. 

Are we ready? 

Do we have room for Him? 

Sometimes, our world becomes very busy and distracted, and we need to ask the question, can we stop and find room for Jesus?

Can we stop and find room for Jesus?

Emmanuel, God is with us.  

God choose to LIVE, God choose to be HUMAN, and God choose to LOVE!  

My prayer for you this Christmas is to celebrate His love and His life.

May Christmas be born within you this year!

God bless,

Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner


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