Three Tools to Help Us Forgive

woman wearing 7 stones of forgiveness bracelet with her hands over her heart

Imagine if your heart were a pure vessel of emotion and it could hold either love or anger. Whatever you choose to hold takes the space of the other. Imagine love taking over every inch of your being and bathing all the dark bits of anger, shame, or guilt, with light. Soon your entire being is washed clean, renewed, and now your true self begins to shine brighter than before. It is in this space that you can begin to receive the magnitude of love that exists and give yourself permission to forgive — to forgive yourself and forgive others. As you release those little bits you make space for MORE LOVE!!!

How do you want to be filled up? How do you want your inner being to be occupied? Together we can make a choice to choose LOVE, to choose LIGHT, and to choose to Let Go and Let God! Today we reconcile, today we are renewed.

My personal mantra today: Forgive Me, I Forgive You, I Love You, Thank You. This mantra can be said out loud to someone you need to forgive or simply say it in the depth of your being and feel the release.  

TOOLS to help us FORGIVE:

  1. Confession One of the most powerful ways to receive reconciliation and transformation by grace is through Confession. Confession is a supernatural grace and sacrament. We go in broken, allow our wrongdoings to come to the surface, and ask for forgiveness. In this moment of forgiveness, we are given the grace to forgive.
  1. Daily Litany of Affirmations excerpts from “Walk Through This” by Sara Kranz

I surrender to the power of forgiveness.

I know who I am.

I value my worth and I love myself.

I have healthy boundaries for myself and others.

I release judgment of myself and others and continue to show up

for myself.

I give myself permission to just be.

I forgive myself.

I forgive those who have wronged me.

I send forgiveness out into the world.

  1. Prayer
Forgiving Father, we do not deserve the depths of your mercy, but we are so grateful. Help us to receive your forgiveness fully and to extend that same mercy towards those who hurt us. Bath us in the mercy of your Love, renew us and restore us. In the most precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray.  AMEN
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