What is a Saint?

What is a Saint?
What is a Saint?

A saint is a HOLY person. 

What does holy mean?

Holy means to be “set apart.”

What does it mean to be set apart? 

To obey God.

What does it mean to obey God?

To listen to God and to put it into practice… to do God’s Will.

Who is called to be a Saint?


Why does the Catholic Church acknowledge these Holy People?

The Catholic Church recognizes holy people and calls them saints. They inspire each of us to listen to God and follow His will. We are all called. 

The church offers us examples of real people who have walked this earth in union with Christ and allowed miracles to flow through them. They are great role models because most of them were imperfect, flawed, and sinners. It is through their struggles that they remained faithful to Christ and began to walk their holy path.

Why do Catholics ask the Saints for Prayers?

Catholics ask the saints to pray and intercede for them, knowing they are in heaven. 

They have lived on this earth and know how hard it is to stay on a holy path in the world today.   

Holy men and women, pray for us. 

Saints in heaven, pray for us. 

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner


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