Why Confession?

Why Confession?
Why Confession?

I see it as a conversion of the heart!

Confession is not only about us running to Jesus and asking for forgiveness for our sins… Confession is the sacrament of allowing Jesus to run into our hearts and bathe us with his mercy….

It is allowing one to be washed clean and accepting the pure LOVE of Jesus to embrace every part of us. It is a chance to see what we like about ourselves, what may be hard to face, where we wish we could do better, or simply an honest truth about who we are. No matter what, God LOVES it all! 

“When we focus on not wanting to sin anymore and begging for forgiveness we are focusing on SIN… when we rather let God’s love wash over us .. we focus on LOVE and that is true healing!” —Fr. Claude

Through confession, all shame is erased, and His grace transforms us! 

How To...

Make an Appointment: Set a date and time with a priest in your area for confession. 

Stay the Course: Place the date in your calendar and make it a non-negotiable, knowing that prior to your confession date, there will be 100 "reasons" to get out of it! It is just the nature of the sacrament; see through the distractions and stay the course! 

Bring a Rosary: Just holding a rosary always brings comfort.

Pray: One hour before your confession time, spend 10 minutes in quiet prayer, asking God to reveal areas in your life where you would like forgiveness. (I find it helpful to have my rosary now!)

Write it Down: Bring a notebook or journal with you. Then, while waiting to see the priest, center your thoughts and write them down.

As you enter the Confessional: Begin with the sign of the cross, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. My last confession was _______ weeks (months, years) ago."

Upon finishing Confession Pray the Act of Contrition: 

Oh my God, I am sorry for my sins.

In choosing to sin, and failing to do good,

I have sinned against You and Your Church.

I firmly intend, with the help of Your Son,

To make up for my sins and to love as I should. Amen. 

Again Write it Down: Use your notebook or journal to write down anything on your heart after your confession.

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner 

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