What is a Saint?

St. Francis Stature Mount Angel Abbey Oregon

(Inspired by The Wonder-Worker of Our Days: Life, Virtues, and Miracles of St. Gerard Majella - Lay-Brother of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer by Rev. Edward Saint-Omer)

Saints are like you and me — we are all called to be saints! 

In the Catholic Faith, saints are “the most renowned heroes of God’s Church, who shine as beautiful lights, and, in these important times, serve as models and examples to the Christian people.” —Leo XIII, Pope.

Saints learned to walk this earth in union with Christ, and miracles happened! 

Our Saints, our heroes, started as children, teenagers, sinners, servants, workers, humble sisters, and humble brothers. They all have their own stories. They were real people like you and me, whom grace transformed into a saint!

“If we put aside the purely gratuitous supernatural gifts, which God gives to His faithful, what every saint becomes, every child and every person can become as well, by the practice of virtue, by suffering, and by conformity to the will of God” —Father Saint-Omer 

God wants to use each of us to continue offering miracles to the world. Miracles are the greatest form of evangelization and awakening to the truth and love of God. 

 "It is in the impossible that we see God clearly.  Only the unthinkable dare to say that miracles are impossible and, by reasoning as absurd as it is impious, put a limit to the almighty power of God." —Father Saint-Omer 

Miracles are phenomena that interrupt the laws of nature and surpass the force of all-natural causes. There is an undeniable truth when a miracle takes place, nothing can explain it… except God, whose power is infinite and who can interrupt nature’s course directly by HIMSELF or indirectly by the ministry of His creatures (saints!)

Yes, since God is all-powerful, He can transfer to saints the power to work miracles! In fact, when a saint performs a miracle, God always performs it through the hands of the saint. This is because we are God’s hands, feet, voice, and heart on this earth! 

Let’s think of Saint Joan of Arc; she was 14 when she received a message from Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel to lead the French army against the British and save France. At the time, women did not serve in the military, they did not lead, and they especially did not do that at the young age of 14. So it was impossible for her to lead France to victory. Yet, she did! It was a miracle. She surrendered to the will of God and miracles flowed through her! Then there is Padre Pio, who cured many of cancer as recently as 1967. And in the holy scriptures, the apostles performed miracles that converted pagans into believers. God invites each of us to be the saints of the new millennium. 

May the lives of the saints be an inspiration to each of us. May we see them as our heroes and learn to live like them so we can become the saint we are called to be. We, too, can walk this earth in union with Christ and become instruments of God’s love and allow miracles to flow through us.

Just like St. Gerard, let us humbly kneel before the Lord and say: “O thou to whom everything is possible, Thou art Our God! I adore Thee! Have pity on me, dust and ashes that I am!”

Lord, I kneel before you now as your humble servant, fill me with your spirit, lend me your heart, Lord consume me with your love and use me as an instrument of your peace and a conduit of your grace. AMEN.

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner 


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