God is LOVE, and this LOVE is for ALL — The Message of St. Amos

God is LOVE, and this LOVE is for ALL — The Message of St. Amos

The book of Amos in the Old Testament shares that Amos was a great prophet. However, it was said that Amos was a humble man and did not see himself as a prophet.  

Amos was a tree trimmer and a shepherd. He was working trimming trees when God appeared and told him to warn the king that what he was doing by dividing people into class codes was unjust. Amos did not want to tell the king this message, but since God commissioned him, he did.

God is LOVE, and this LOVE is for ALL.  

This was a message of unity amongst diversity, acceptance, and love for all.  

The history of St. Amos became significant to Caitlin and John Stamos, as well as to me. We agreed this would be the name of their Wearable Blessings collection within My Saint My Hero—The St. Amos Share the Love Collection.   

Not only is ST. AMOS, John's given name, was also the saint that John's mother always implored intercession for protection over her kids. 

John and Caitlin embrace St. Amos' message of LOVE; they share that LOVE, and they see everyone as they see themselves. The entire Stamos family lives by this message, unaware until recently that this is how their family patron saint also lived his life.

close up of the share the love st. amos medal front and back

Once we had our inspiration, we immediately began creating the medal. 

On one side is a staff and rod representing St. Amos the shepherd, an

"S" for saint, and the words, "God is Love, Love for All." On the back of the medal, you will find the Jerusalem Cross—a reminder that GOD became Man to share this LOVE with the world and remind us that this LOVE is for Eternity.

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner

caitlin and john stamos st amos share the love collection image

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