How to Start a Conversation with God

How to Start a Conversation with God

I went for an early morning walk with my dear friend, and as always, her sweet yellow lab puppy was running alongside us and often in front of us.

Suddenly the lab reached a bend in the trail, pulled aside, and sat down. My friend reached down, patted his head, and said, “Yes, puppy, it is time to pray.” This was their morning routine, their time to stop, watch the sunrise, and begin a conversation with God.

My friend offered Jesus her day and prayed for His guidance and protection. She then began to ask for His grace to flood her family members, friends, and those in need. She stretched up her arms to the rising sun and, with a big smile, thanked God for the most amazing day! Something shifted inside me—through her morning routine, my heart was opened to the grace of God, and I could feel it. 

Morning routines matter! When we choose to begin our day with God, our routine becomes a holy habit that keeps our mind, body, and soul in alignment with the grace and joy of God. All we need to do is start the conversation. 

How do we start a conversation?

I once asked a nun this question, and she said, “Oh dear, talk to God like your best friend. Simply sit down in a quiet space and pull up a chair for God, and just start chatting with Him… and then listen. It is amazing what you will hear”. 

A friend shared that she uses her Wake Up and Pray Bracelet as her guide and reminder to talk to God each morning. She touches on each gemstone bead as she starts her day, beginning with the offerings. She then rests at the center Benedictine Medal and imagines handing over all her worries and needs to God and surrendering to Him. Then she goes on to her petitions and ends in gratitude on the remaining gemstones. 

Holy habits begin in practice; choose yours and practice it with sincere devotion. It could be as simple as waking up and saying, “GOOD MORNING JESUS!”

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner


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