The Bachelor's Madison Prewett Wears MSMH's Blessing Bracelets!

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett Wears MSMH's Blessing Bracelets!

Watching The Bachelor is one of my favorite guilty pleasures! It all began years ago while we were living with my in-laws. My mother-in-law loved this “new” show, and we would all sit around the TV together. We would blush with embarrassment at some of the scenes and ultimately end up laughing, curious, and anxious to see what happened next. It became our weekly routine together.

This past season, I was watching with my girls, and suddenly, my phone started to blow up with text messages: “Look at Madison Prewett’s arm… I think she is wearing a Blessing Bracelet from MSMH.” I received screenshot after screenshot, questioning if it was really ours. The answer was YES, it was! She not only wore it on the show, but she wore it almost every day of the entire season. She quickly became the world’s favorite (for all the right reasons), and I hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to say “THANK YOU.” Then in hometown visits, her dad was wearing an MSMH Blessing Bracelet. Even her mom and sisters all had them on. I had to find out where they got them and the story behind their Blessing Bracelets. IT WAS A GOD MOMENT!

Listen to this story...

Before Madi was chosen to go on the show, Coach Chad Prewett was at a Dallas Cowboys football game and met Tom Thomas (investor, friend, mentor, and co-owner of My Saint My Hero). Tom started to chat with Coach Prewett (Auburn University Basketball Coach). He told him a little about My Saint My Hero, proceeded to take a Blessing Bracelet off his wrist, and gifted it to Coach Prewett with a little prayer of blessings for his upcoming season. As Tom was about to leave, he turned back and asked Coach Prewett if he had any kids. Chad proceeded to tell him about his three girls and amazing wife, Tonya. Tom immediately called me and said, “I met this incredible guy, and he is the head coach of the Auburn basketball team. He has three daughters and a wonderful wife. Please send them a few Blessing Bracelets.” So we sent him a few bracelets the next day. (This is a frequent request because we LOVE to wear and share blessing bracelets. I did not notice or remember the name; I simply sent him the bracelets.)

WELL, those bracelets became the gift Coach Prewett gave his family as a tangible reminder that no matter what they are doing and where they may travel, they are always connected through love and prayer.

The Prew Crew Madi Coach Chad Prewett in prayer

Madi went on season 24 of The Bachelor that next month and the Blessing Bracelet became her touchstone with her family. They all wore them, they prayed for each other nightly, and even though it was months with no contact, they remembered that through love and prayer, they are always united.

And here we are today — launching the Family Virtues Collection with the Prew Crew!

The Prew Crew and Amy D'Ambra creating Family Virtues Collection


I had the incredible honor of receiving a FaceTime call from Coach Prewett and Madi a few months ago. The day they called, my two girls were with me as we were working together to fulfill orders. We stopped everything. We were Facetiming with Madi Prewett and her dad — now that does not happen every day!!! We were so excited, and then as we settled into the conversation, we began to connect with Coach Prewett and Madi authentically. We prayed about the idea of working together. We asked for God to guide our actions, guide our thoughts, and guide our work. If we could bring glory to God through a collaboration, then let His will be done! We were in tears talking together; another God moment! As we got off the phone, we committed to praying about it and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us. After the call, I went upstairs to my office as Ellie (my daughter) worked downstairs. We both prayed and wrote down our thoughts and ideas on how we could collaborate with the Prew Crew.

We came back together an hour later, and as we shared our notes, we realized that we both wrote down, almost verbatim, the same idea, the same concept, the same words, and the same description! NOW that does NOT happen EVER! We are often close, but not like this! We immediately sent it to the Prew Crew, and they jumped on the phone and said, “Oh my goodness, you nailed it. This is our family, and this is what we stand for. Yes, let’s do this!” The collaboration began at that very moment, and now we are launching the Family Virtues Collection, inspired by The Prew Crew! May the love that was poured into the creation of these bracelets be felt and may the blessings be received.

Madison Prewett from the Bachelor wearing My Saint My Hero x Prew Crew Family Virtues Collection


Wear One, Share One. Together we are a blessing to one another. Together we make a difference.  Together we are family.  Together we rise!

— Amy D’Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner

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