Pilgrimage to Medjugorje – Tamara’s Story



I arrived in Medjugorje with an open heart and left filled with renewed hope and uplifted spirit. The My Saint My Hero team were beautifully illuminated as they guided us through the many special Holy places to pray and receive the messages we were called there to receive. I can honestly say that we were guided in every little detail through the divine, with many experiences orchestrated effortlessly. It was wonderful to meet the beautiful ladies who weave our bracelets with love and prayer every day as they were also beautiful, loving souls. Today I am still walking with the love in my heart and looking at every situation differently in a good way. I am looking forward to spreading the love and the light that I experienced in Medjugorje. I really do not have enough time to express all my feelings but assure you that I am still glowing

– Tamara Drier / My Saint My Hero Sales Ambassador-Accents for Modern Living


MSMH Pilgrimage 2016: Our morning trek up Cross Mountain

MSMH Pilgrimage 2016: Our morning trek up Cross Mountain – this challenging climb is known for the graces of healing, forgiveness, and hope in something more.

Tamara from Accents for Modern Living worked hard to earn this trip, not for herself but for her friend and co-worker, Stephanie. However, God had a different plan and due to particular medical conditions Stephanie was not released to travel. Tamara decided to go on the trip with the intention of praying for her friend. As I watched Tamara climb Cross Mountain with the group, I knew it was not an easy task for her. I could feel a mantra coming from her as she climbed over each rock, “I’m doing this for Stephanie!”  During one of the breaks while our guide helped us meditate on the stations of Our Lord’s passion, I decided to take a photo of Tamara as she rested in the peace of our surroundings so that she would be able to share it with Stephanie back home.

Tamara on Cross Mountain

Tamara – A witness of hope & love

The photo was a gift that astounded me. I could literally see the shower of graces that were being poured over Tamara that she was meant to take home to Stephanie. These visible signs are the little gifts that help us “hope against hope” when life tries to convince us to give up.

– Amy and Christine

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