Special Moments on Apparition Hill

Pat in front of statue of Blessed Virgin and blue cross

We began our 20-minute steep and rocky climb in the dark. We weren’t even sure if we were going the right way. Fortunately, a full moon helped lead the way!  My three amazing and loving girlfriends had joined me on the pilgrimage and were by my side on this moonlit hike. We were soon joined by a ginger cat that stayed with us until he reached the top. We believe Mother Mary sent us this special cat to help show us the path and keep us safe on our journey. I told myself it was my son Robbie hiking along with me, my angel in heaven.

Before we reached the top, we stopped at the Blue Cross. This is where the visionary Mirjana, our host, has her apparitions each month. Being there for the first time was surreal.

There were many miracles that night: My girlfriends asked to learn the rosary as we sat at the Blue Cross. I was very touched and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I thanked Mother Mary that my sweet friends wanted to know her more and to understand the rosary.

The full moon inspired us to venture out on a nighttime hike and guided us on our way. This gorgeous moon shone on our Lady at the spot where the first apparition occurred. She looked majestic and more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. Our Lady Queen of Peace is full of grace, love and she has a gentle smile. Upon her head she has a crown of 12 stars. I was immediately filled with joy and love.

Our Lady Queen of Peace statue on Apparition Hill

Being at the top of Apparition Hill was a “pinch me” moment!

I went up the mountain with an open and excited heart, awaiting the unexpected. I kneeled in front of Mary and prayed, said part of the rosary and gave her thanks for everything and everyone. I also prayed for my family and for everyone who had sent me on this pilgrimage with their prayers and intentions. I felt yet another miracle that night as the Blessed Mother spoke to my heart. She said that being thankful, thinking of others, sharing my love, and feeling her love and her Son’s love is what makes God happy. The sense of peace and love that came over me was indeed miraculous.


Pat Romeri // My Saint My Hero Customer Service

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