Seeing is Believing: The Power of Visual Reminders in Strengthening Your Faith

Seeing is Believing: The Power of Visual Reminders in Strengthening Your Faith

God has shown up many times in my life, in small moments and big moments.

On the sleepless nights of worry and the happiest life events, God was there.

God was there on the day I met my husband, for the birth of each of my children, and the day I realized I needed to pivot in my career.

However, in the day-to-day I sometimes need constant reminders.

The reminder that I am blessed.

The reminder to stop and pray.

The reminder that I have many reasons to be grateful.

The reminder that I am not alone…and for me, the most important reminder, that I am protected under God.

The world today is a beautiful mess.

I am walking around in life, just like you, in hope the humanity of the world will prevail.

How can I do my part?

 I trust.

I do my best to be

empathetic and more importantly,

I pray…

Personally, I love having a visual reminder.

I know the value of a sacramental.

A medal becomes my tried-and-true visual reminder of my love for Christ and his obedient follower, St. Benedict of Nursia, some 1500 years ago. Medals have been worn and given throughout history of honor and valor.

I wear mine as a symbol and reminder I belong to Christ.

I could share the history of St. Benedict’s insight and his struggles though his love for Christ, his forming of monasteries, his Benedictine Rule, his influence on monastic life, and motto, “Prayer and Work”  yet, on his Feast Day, I share why I wear the St. Benedictine medal and why I feel a connection medal that was spiritually inspired by the late Pope Leo IX, and redesigned in 1880, called the Jubilee medal by monk, Desiderius Lenz.

Our faith has many tools to capture knowing that God is in all things. Our senses in our faith alert us in Mass, the smell of incense, hearing the word of God and singing, touch of the Eucharist and the visuals of the crucifix and altar. Yet, when I leave Mass I can turn up the senses in my daily life, and use the holy tools, like sacramentals.

The St. Benedict medal reminds me to humbly pray God for strength, inner peace, relationship with His Son, and protection.

This medal turns me to what is most important, God’s power and plan…. which is much greater than mine. 

St. Benedict, Pray for Us.

St. Benedict Feast Day July 11

— Adina/MSMH Mission Development


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