Why this is the Year to See GO(o)D in Everyone and Everything

Why this is the Year to See GO(o)D in Everyone and Everything
One of my favorite New Year's traditions is picking a saint that will be with me for the year. I "randomly" pick the saint from a bunch of saint cards, and I commit to reading about that saint throughout the year, learning why they are a saint, what inspired them and what about them inspired others. I learn what miracles flowed through them and how they came to know Jesus so intimately that they walked in union with Him every day.

Let me go back to that picking randomly bit. I start with a little prayer, "Lord, show me what virtue I need to work on this year and show it to me through the life of a saint." As I say this prayer, I shuffle through the saint cards and randomly pick a saint. The CRAZY part is that EVERY YEAR I get a saint that proves to be EXACTLY what I needed that year. For example, in both 2020 and 2021, I picked the same saint with the virtue of PATIENCE! I think I needed to learn patience these last two years during a season of rapid changes and expectations being wiped away in an instant. I needed to learn how to take a deep breath and pivot through the virtue and gift of patience. Patience is definitely not my strong suit. In fact, before 2020, I would not even classify it as a virtue. Who really needs patience? I am a doer, and a get things done quick kinda gal. But thank you, St. Gianna! She has shown up for me on many occasions and reminded me that I have a choice to be patient and TRUST in God's timing or remain frustrated as I try to push forward with my planned timeline even in the midst of everything changing.
Saint Pope John Paul Be not afraid quote graphic
Truly the saints are like guardian angels, and when you pick one to stay close for the year, they really do walk alongside you, and things are different because of their subtle guidance.
What about this year? I feel so much of me is expanding into new and unknown territories. I feel my heart expanding, and my soul feels like it has no boundaries. With my sister's passing this past year, I feel the veil between heaven and earth has lifted a bit, and it is as if we can walk with our feet on the earth and our heads in heaven. I know it may sound odd, or maybe you feel it too. But, something is shifting, and I feel the time is now to become the saints we are called to be. Maybe you are here to share God's love through healing miracles, or maybe through prayer or intercession, or maybe through discernment. It is as though everyone's charisms, Holy Spirit gifts, are right on the surface of us all, and it is time to open up to amazing possibilities. The world is ready for you, for me, for us. We are all called to be saints.

We have all been given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus brought heaven to humankind—we are that humankind. So let's embrace the magnanimity of who we are and whose we are. This is the year to make kindness contagious. And this is the year to live in great hope of all that is and allow miracles to flow through YOU. You, my friend, are the LIGHT we need now. Maybe you are the "living saint card" that will inspire another to walk in light and hope this year.

Happy New Year!
Become who you are and you will set the whole world on fire! 
—Amy D’Ambra MSMH Founder/Co-Owner

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