How to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home

hand holding a My Saint My Hero Blessed Candle

Creating a sacred space is one of the most important things you can do; it is your space to connect with God. And not only that, when you create a sacred space in your home or your office, even if it is just a windowsill that you just put your favorite things, a little corner in your home little corner, or in your office on the edge of your desk, what you're doing is you're claiming your space for Christ. You are claiming that every step you take is for Christ.

Not only is this space protected, but it's also your sacred sanctuary. And that is so important because what you're also saying is, "Back away from anything unlike love. Let's leave it at the door. When you come into my home and you come into our space, this is for the Holy Spirit." This is where God lives because this is what you invite. You invite in the Holy Spirit.



I'm going to show you a few of the elements of our Catholic faith that helped to anchor in and make it so holy. The first, which I absolutely love, is holy water, which you can get from your church and from any sacred site. We created a little spritzer bottle for you, and it comes with our free gift of a second spritzer, filled with holy water that makes it so easy to just spray. You can just spray your whole area. You can spray your kids as they are going out the door. The best thing is to go around every single doorway and into every corner of your room. Just spray a little holy water and acknowledge that this is the space for the Holy Spirit.  


My Saint My Hero Blessed Candles


The other thing that I love is blessed candles. In the Catholic tradition, every home needs to have a set of blessed candles. Our new candles come in a set of two. These candles and the box they come in are inspired by the blessed candles I grew up with. They are candles that my grandmother had, that my great-grandmothers had. And the best thing about this is that in the Catholic tradition, every single candle that's a blessed candle has to be one hundred percent beeswax. So these candles are 100 percent beeswax for you. What you need to do is you get each one of these candles blessed by your deacon, by your priest, and then you'll have these candles in your home for when you need them most. When you need to just ignite an incredible prayer or ignite a moment of celebration or you need the Holy Spirit now, these are the candles for your prayer space. 

Another wonderful way blessed candles can be used is if anybody in your home might be ill and you need to have an anointing of the sick, you have the candles ready. When the priest comes in, make sure that you just put them on the table right in the bedroom of the person that might be sick. You light the candles, and the whole family can say a beautiful prayer of healing over your loved one.


My Saint My Hero Blessings for Your Door Hanger


Another wonderful piece is the Blessings for Your Home Door Hanger. The olive wood beads are hand carved in Jerusalem. Not only is that amazing news that Israel is coming right into your home, but every single one of these medals is made for you in a sacred site in Italy. I love the medals because each one depicts a different prayer of protection — the Benedictine Medal, the Saint Christopher and Archangel Michael, the Miraculous Mary Medal, and a howlite cross. You have your own little army of protection right here in the door hanger.


Benedictine House Medallions

As we were just saying the Benedictine Medal is the strongest symbol of protection known in the Christian world, we have created a medallion to put over every door. These are hand-cast and iron forged for you in a large size along with a hand-cast nail. It's a beautiful symbol of protection. It's also known to keep anything unlike love away, to repulse evil, and only allow good to come into your home. Every home should have a Benedictine Cross over its doorway.



My Saint My Hero daily blessings boxes


Lastly, I love our Daily Blessings Boxes. These boxes help create the space of sacredness. The box comes with either Bible verses or saint quotes. I've found that if you're having a hard time finding words to pray, these little cards can be a great source of inspiration and seem to be just what you need at that moment. If you want to be inspired, you can just reach in and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and take out just one small Bible verse or saint quote to meditate on for that day.

Enjoy creating your sacred space! Please feel free to share your space. Just post on your social media and don't forget to tag @mysaintmyhero so we can all share the joy in that beautiful, welcoming, and sacred space. –Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner



How To use My Saint My Hero Blessing Pieces to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home


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