What type of jewelry and candles can be BLESSED by a priest or deacon?

What type of jewelry and candles can be BLESSED by a priest or deacon?

AHA Moment – What type of jewelry and candles can be BLESSED by a priest or deacon?

I walked into Mass this weekend and Monsignor came up to me with an amazing little story

“Amy, it was First Holy Communion Weekend, and a family came up to me and asked me to bless their special jewelry for their daughter receiving her first Holy Communion. I asked the family if it the jewelry was religious. The family said they got it from My Saint My Hero. I said, well then YES, of course I can bless it.

That was the first time I realized the magnitude of a Wearable Blessing. Yes, anything is worthy of a blessing. However, once it is blessed, it is set apart from the ordinary... it becomes holy. In terms of jewelry, it is meant to be blessed and worn with intention and prayer. For example, if you have a Blessing Bracelet blessed by a priest or a deacon, it sets that bracelet apart from your other jewelry, and it becomes a sacred reminder of how much you are LOVED by God. YES, you have been baptized, which means you are a blessed and beloved child of God. You are already HOLY! “To be holy does not mean being perfect, but it does mean being set apart for God and His purposes. Because of that fact, all of us who have been baptized have received a very high call: to always be people who, by our lives point to Christ and His saving death and resurrection” (Father Schmitz, “What does it mean for something to be blessed?”, www.dioceseduluth.org). 

There are suggestions about what type of jewelry to have blessed — those with sacred medals and/or created in a sacred and holy site. My Saint My Hero shares sacramentals with the world through our Wearable Blessings, and we have been given the honor of an informal imprimatur from Archbishop Gomez for our work!

We are excited to have recently released our new blessed candles that are authentically 100% beeswax and poured with love and prayer. 

Our jewelry and our home blessings are in accordance with our faith, and they are great items to have blessed and to give the Gift of a Blessing to a loved one.

By the grace of God, we did it right, even when we might not have known exactly what we were doing! I know that God looks at the purity of our intention and straightens our human path along the way.

—Amy D'Ambra My Saint My Hero Founder/Co-Owner



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