When in Crisis, Begin with Prayer

When in Crisis, Begin with Prayer

I am learning what to do to elevate joy and hope in the middle of crisis!

I have witnessed fear and anxiety take over like a flood; the body shakes, the crying screams out, the body weakens, and it seems inconsolable. We begin to pray! The prayer begins as a shouting match with God – a loud cry for help. Then, through constant prayer and rhythmic prayer (like the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be), suddenly the breath returns to an easy, steady pace. The heart calms down and supernatural grace brings peace into the moment. The crisis did not go away, however, the reaction to it transitions from fear and loneliness to calm and consoled. Through prayer, it seems as though God steps in, rocks us gently, and holds us close. And in this state of mysterious grace, we rest, and through rest, we heal! I pray that I will always remember to pause and pray, even when I can’t seem to breathe and the crisis is suffocating. Pray, pray, pray, and persevere through prayer.

I have also noticed that through prayer, we can hear God’s voice, and sometimes that voice may lead one out of crisis quicker than expected.

Today I pray for a miracle, and I know that through prayer, we can be in a state of grace. Through grace, we can hear God, feel God, and be in union with God. Through union with God, miracles happen. And so it is…

Right now, I pray for all of you reading this blog. May the grace of God flood you, especially when you need it most. I pray that our Wearable Blessings will be a gentle reminder that you are loved deeply and never alone. I pray that as you hold on to the medal or your bracelet, it reminds you to pray and persevere through prayer! — Amy D'Ambra

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