Who Made Your Bracelet?


Medjugorje • Mexicali • Loreto • Lourdes • Uganda • Israel 
the artisans who make my saint my hero woven blessing bracelets
She is grateful
She loves
She lives in community
She remembers
She prays
She helps her sister in need
She loves her brother
She is mother
She is sister
She is believer
She is hope
She is the weaver
She is the beader
She hand-crafted your bracelet
She has risen
Thank you!

Together with your purchase of My Saint My Hero, we are empowering communities in Medjugorje, Mexicali, Loreto, Lourdes, and Uganda through meaningful work, helping these artisans and small businesses through the dignity of their beautiful trade.

"To the people who will wear our bracelets, I send the message that there is a lot of love, there is a lot of prayer, there is a lot of sacrifice in those bracelets. So when you wear it, I hope that it is a reminder that a lot of love is in there and they should pray and be strong and wear it with love." —Snježana


100% of all MSMH pieces are designed with love and prayer.  Our Blessing Bracelets are handwoven by global communities rising above poverty and many of our pieces have a charitable give back to local and global charities! Together we are making a difference as we combine compassion with fashion. THANK YOU for wearing and sharing BLESSINGS!